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CFR – Corporate and Foundation Relations fosters relationships between Stanford and companies and private foundations.


CT-RMG handles agreements for industry clinical trials at Stanford.


DoR – The Dean of Research is responsible for university research policies, including conflict of interest and export controls and oversees independent labs, institutes and centers.


EH&S – Environmental Health & Safety (Administrative Panel on Biosafety- APB) establishes policy and handles training for the use of biohazardous agents.


ERA – Engineering Research Administration manages pre- and post-award research administration for the School of Engineering.


Office of Business Affairs includes Risk Management, Business Development, and Information Security offices.


OOD – The Office of Development handles gifts and grants to Stanford.


OGC – The Office of General Counsel provides legal advice and guidance.


OSR – The Office of Sponsored Research handles all non-industry, research agreements.


OTL – The Office of Technology Licensing licenses out Stanford inventions and software.


Privacy Office handles policies and practices to safeguard personal and other non-public information, and is a division of the Office of Audit, Compliance and Privacy.


Procurement handles purchasing and payment.


PMO – The Property Management Office administers equipment and other property.


RCO – The Research Compliance Office includes APLAC, IRB, and SCRO panels for the review of animal, human subjects and stem cell research.


RMG – The Research Management Group handles School of Medicine grants, proposals and budgets.


SRM – Sponsored Receivables Management handles invoicing and receivables accounting for sponsored projects, clinical trials and certain other university operations