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ICO Annual Statistics

In Fiscal Year 2017-18, the Industrial Contracts Office (ICO) finalized a total of 189 new industry sponsored research agreements (SRAs) where companies fund and sometimes collaborate on research projects at Stanford and 214 amendments to existing SRAs. The School of Medicine accounted for over half of these agreements with 99 new industry-funded research agreements and 118 amendments to existing SRAs. The Department of Medicine was home to the largest number of new industry research agreements, with 35 SRAs. The Radiology Department  Medicine accounted for 13 SRAs; and Pathology had 12 new SRAs.

The School of Engineering accounted for just over a third of the total SRAs, with 75 new industry-funded research agreements. The Electrical Engineering Department was home to the largest number of new Engineering industry research agreements, with 17 SRAs; Computer Science accounted for 12 SRAs; Mechanical Engineering had 9 new SRAs; and Aeronautics and Astronautics accounted for 6 new SRAs.

ICO also advises other University offices on intellectual property terms for research agreements, including nonprofit foundation grants. We helped other offices negotiate 330 agreements in FY2018, up from 280 agreements in FY 2017.


Industrial Affiliates Programs

ICO also handles Industrial Affiliates Program approvals, renewals and related agreements. During the year, 65 programs brought in a total of $44.8M, up from a total of $36.3M in fiscal 2017. SystemX in the School of Engineering continued to be the largest program, with $4.6M in funding.

Six new Affiliates Programs were approved in the past fiscal year, four of which were in the School of Engineering:

• AI Safety

• AHA Agile Hardware Affiliates Program

• Nanoscale Prototyping Lab

• Distributed Trust Initiative

One was in the School of Earth

• SUPRI-Tides

One was under the Dean of Research

• Population Health Sciences

All in all, ICO finalized 1,238 new agreements in FY2018 and 314 amendments to existing agreements. This includes 637 new Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs); 67 Human Tissue Transfer Agreements; 43 Unfunded Collaborations; 69 Data Transfer Agreements; 29 Equipment Loans and a variety of other research-related agreements with companies.