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Assignments by School and Department

By School ICO Contract Officer
Business Jamie Kitano
Earth, Energy, & Environmental Sciences Matthew Ho
Education Lisa Chen
Engineering see Department assignments below
Humanities & Sciences Tatiana Sorokina
Law Jamie Kitano
Medicine see Department assignments below


By Department, School of Engineering ICO Contract Officer
Aeronautics & Astronautics Jamie Kitano
Bioengineering Matthew Ho
Chemical Engineering Tatiana Sorokina
Civil & Environmental Engineering Jamie Kitano
Computer Science Lisa Chen with Matthew Ho
Electrical Engineering Josephine Lee
Management Science & Engineering Lisa Chen
Materials Science & Engineering Lisa Chen
Mechanical Engineering Tatiana Sorokina
Anesthesia Josephine Lee
Baxter Laboratory Tatiana Sorokina
Biochemistry Josephine Lee
Biomedical Data Sciences Lisa Chen
Cardiothoracic Surgery Lisa Chen
Chemical & Systems Biology Jamie Kitano
Clinical Pharmacology Matthew Ho
Comparative Medicine Matthew Ho
Dermatology Matthew Ho
Developmental Biology Josephine Lee
Emergency Medicine Josephine Lee
Family Medicine Josephine Lee
Genetics Lisa Chen
Health Research and Policy Matthew Ho
Medicine see Division assignments below
Microbiology & Immunology Lisa Chen
Molecular & Cellular Physiology Tatiana Sorokina
Neurology Matthew Ho
Neurobiology Matthew Ho
Neurosurgery Matthew Ho
Obstetrics & Gynecology Jamie Kitano
Ophthalmology Tatiana Sorokina
Orthopaedic Surgery Matthew Ho
Otolaryngology Jamie Kitano
Pathology Josephine Lee
Pediatrics Jamie Kitano
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Jamie Kitano
Radiation Oncology Josephine Lee
Radiology Chrissy Watson
Stanford Prevention Research Center Matthew Ho
Structural Biology Lisa Chen
Surgery Tatiana Sorokina
Urology Matthew Ho


Blood & Marrow Transplantation Lisa Chen
Cardiovascular Medicine Lisa Chen
Center for Biomedical Informatics Research Lisa Chen
Center for Primary Care & Outcomes Research Matthew Ho
Endocrinology, Gerontology & Metabolism Lisa Chen
Gastroenterology & Hepatology Jamie Kitano
General Medical Disciplines Lisa Chen
Hematology Josephine Lee
Immunology & Rheumatology Lisa Chen
Infectious Diseases Josephine Lee
Nephrology Tatiana Sorokina
Oncology Tatiana Sorokina
Pulmonary & Critical Care Lisa Chen


BY Programs/Laboratories ICO CONTRACT OFFICER
Freeman Spogli Institute Tatiana Sorokina
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials Matthew Ho
Hoover Institution Lisa Chen
Industrial Affiliates Programs Glennia Campbell
PICI Center Jamie Kitano
Service Centers Matthew Ho
SLAC Glennia Campbell
Solid State & Photonics Laboratory Jamie Kitano